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Why Website Maintenance?

Website maintenance is what you do to keep your website functioning well.

What if you could transfer all of that work to someone reliable while you focus on your actual business? Clients who sign up for the Web Devices website maintenance services enjoy a cost-effective solution to updating their website software and security throughout the year so that they can focus on building their businesses.

What Happens When You Don’t Maintain Your Website

You may have noticed some of the following symptoms on a website you visited or even yours:

  • Slowly loading websites (This is a common problem. It could be due to website or hosting issues)
  • disjointed web and mobile layouts 
  • hacked website, database or hosting accounts and used illegitimately for distributing malware and attacks on other sites 
  • defaced websites
  • unreachable or deleted websites
  • drop in search ranking as a result of penalties from search engines, e.g., Google,
  • worst of all, reputation damage and
  • loss of revenue

All these lead to bad user experience, and because your website is an extension of your brand, it impacts your business’ reputation negatively.

Affordable Website Maintenance Packages

How much will this cost? The WD annual website maintenance packages are options I think you will like.

Website Maintenance Services (Annual)RegularPremium
Preliminary website audit & recommendations
Website backups: WordPress core, themes, plugins, files, and database
Website software updates: WordPress core, theme and plugin updates
Server & hosting optimization (on your current server)
Google Analytics & Search Console integration
Basic SEO audit for on-page and technical enhancements including focus keywords, titles, and meta descriptions; usability checks, site optimization (e.g., site load speed). Service covers up to 10 SEO keywords.
Security scanning and cleanup (firewall and antivirus)
Website content publishing (provided by you) + image and content edits
Monthly reports
Free domain or hosting transfer or migration (once / year, valued at NGN 30,000.00)
Email marketing setup, contacts upload & management (valued at NGN 50,000.00)
PriceNGN 90,000.00NGN 115,000.00

Focus On Your Business; Leave the Technical Stuff to WD

Here’s an overview of what to expect when you subscribe to one of the WD WordPress website maintenance plans:

  1. Regular WordPress core, themes, and plugins update or upgrade
  2. Optimizing user experience across devices (PC, tab and mobile)
  3. Scan, detect, and rectify security issues
  4. Backup your website on a schedule to protect against disruptions
  5. Update and edit website content such as banner, article, and product images, text (grammar, style, and structure), and new articles provided by you (available in the premium plan)
  6. Manage transfer or migration to a new host within the subscription period if required
  7. Monthly activity reports documented and emailed to you

Let’s Talk About Your Website Maintenance Needs

Contact me for more information about any of the website maintenance packages.

FAQs About Our WordPress Website Maintenance Services