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Reliable Web Design Services in Nigeria (2021)

Web Devices provides quality web design & development services in Nigeria. We are your perfect choice if you are looking for a fully optimized, responsive, SEO-ready website for your brand or business. You may view some of our past work here.

We guarantee hassle-free website design & development services from our first conversation with you to project completion. In this article, we detail the essential steps involved in our work with you at the centre of it all.

1. Understanding Your Brand

Our primary objective is first to understand your brand, your vision and your message. We want to know your products and services, and your target market or audience. We believe the key to delivering a quality website or online platform to fulfill your precise need lies in this crucial first step.

  • What’s your message, vision, mission, & USP? What is your brand’s message: the vision, the mission, and your unique selling point? These are the elements which make your brand or business memorable. They distinguish you from other players in the market.
  • Who is your target audience? Understanding this will give us the opportunity to advice on the design process.

Communicating these to us will help deliver a website which represents your business truly. We want to deliver web design which aligns with your vision and helps to drive marketing, sales, and customer service right from the start.

2. Understanding Your Website Design Requirements

Website Design & Development Requirements
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Next, we learn about your requirements. We typically ask these questions as based on our discussions with you:

  • What type of website?
  • What you hope to achieve with the website?
  • What type of interactions or transactions will occur on the website?

These and other questions will help us understand your particular needs so we can match these with the proper technologies.

3. Collect Your Brand Assets

Brand Assets
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We collect your brand assets as we prepare for the design phase. Some essential elements we require from you are:

  • Logo: You will share with us a high resolution copy of your logo.
  • Colours: What are your brand’s colours? Having this information will guide the design process so your website design is consistent with your other brand elements.
  • Images: We would appreciate pictures and images from you.
  • Text: This is a critical requirement. It may seem hard to believe for many but in the age of videos and multimedia, the quality of text on a website dictates the quality of the entire website. This is because people and search engines (Google) read and engage with websites based on text content.

Let’s emphasize the importance of text content: Ensuring you have the information about your brand or business clearly presented will help improve your marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. This holds true for even art or design portfolios. We can help you develop quality content as a service, too.

4. Your Website Domain Name and Web Hosting

We help with your domain name and hosting requirements. This is one area many people get confused so let’s break it down.

First, what’s a domain name? Your domain name will be used as your website address e.g., abcde.com. This should be the name of your brand or business or should align closely so your clients easily identify your website. Your custom email accounts will then read as xyz@abcde.com. You buy your domain name from a domain name seller.

Next, what’s hosting? Your website consists of a group of files, images, texts, maybe videos and audio files which must be stored on a computer on the internet. People access your website on that computer which acts as your website host.

That computer (or server) is owned by a hosting company so you pay for this service. Some companies offer free hosting with restricted features.

Domain Name Sellers and Hosts

Some quality domain name sellers and web hosts are Namecheap, Upperlink, Dreamhost, GoDaddy and others. For .com.ng, .ng domain names, Upperlink is a reliable source. By the way, we are a Namecheap affiliate and do vouch for their services.

The domain name and website hosting can be hosted at a single host or separate hosts. Never mind, we take care of these back-end activities for you. And more, you will have full control over your domain name and web hosting account(s). If you choose, you may allow us to manage these account(s) for you.

5. What Web Technologies Do We Use?

WordPress logo

We build websites using WordPress. While we can help clients build websites on other platforms such as Wix or Squarespace, we go with WordPress as a versatile web software for everything from blogs and corporate websites, to e-commerce sites, forums, and artist portfolios.

We also design and develop specialist web solutions such as online computer based testing platforms, intranets, human resource management portals, and online communities. The breadth of solutions we offer you depends on what your requirement is.

6. Continuous Review and Feedback

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And so we move on to the design and development phase of the project. Your review and feedback is a key element at this stage. We don’t wait until the work is finished before requesting your feedback, we ask for your review and feedback during the web design project.

At Web Devices, we realize your website is actually, well, your website. We are only partners with you in helping to birth your vision. We count this a huge privilege and ensure we carry you along at every step so your final website is as you envisioned… or better if we can manage that!

Furthermore, because our processes are transparent, you are able to participate in the project without feeling overwhelmed by technicalities.

7. Website Design & Development: Your Next Steps

Website Design & Development: Your Next Steps
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Upon project completion, we provide standard support and guidance for one full month as a complimentary service. We ensure you are satisfied with your new website and that it delivers on your goal. We are actually your partners in the web design journey.

Ready for your new website? Please contact us so we can understand your requirements. Our web design projects start at NGN 80,000. We can also provide you with a quote for custom development.

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