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What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing remains a powerful way to connect with your market and driving customer engagement and sales. In fact, studies say it is 40x more powerful than social media when it comes to acquiring customers.

People Love Emails That Matter

As a small business, it is an opportunity to share information about your products and services, product updates, sales and discounts, seasonal messages, information about their ongoing transactions with you or even information about internal company or business events via email.

At Web Devices NG, we work with you to create effective email marketing which aligns with your brand to deliver great results.

Will Email Marketing Campaigns Work All Businesses?

Businesses of all types, of all sizes can benefit immensely from adopting a rich email marketing culture as part of your overall marketing and customer service strategy.

From FMCGs to consulting, non-profits (NGOs), faith-based organizations, schools and training centres, email marketing campaigns can only enrich your brand and interaction with your audience. And in the long term, this will translate into increased revenue.

Why is Email Marketing [Still] Effective?

Research shows that email marketing has higher success rates compared to other marketing channels, that is, higher open rates + higher click through rates.

Audience Engagement & Click Through Rates

Social Media = 0.6% | Email Open Rate = 22.86% | Email Click-Through Rate = 3.71%

Source: OptinMonster

These statistics for email marketing are higher because more people open and read their email when it looks like something from which they can benefit (you send them an email and it becomes theirs). And they will take the action you invite them to as your email marketing continues to deliver relevant content.

Let’s break it down:

Email Marketing Works Because

1. Email is Personal

You can ride on the characteristics of the email medium to deliver content in a warm, personal way to your target market. It’s the difference between receiving a generic email and one addressed to you.

2. Email marketing allows you to deliver tailored content to specific people

Email marketing allows for segmenting and hyper-segmenting your audience. You can actually drill down to target customers by location, area around your store or demographics or interests.

3. You can extend your content marketing via email campaigns

Asides transactional messages, email marketing is a great content marketing strategy. And as with content marketing, it is more acceptable to people when you provide useful information to them and with their permission. No spamming.

4. Email marketing can help increase your revenue through automated reminders & messages

It allows you to send marketing, sales, or purchase reminders

5. You can build a long-term relationships with your audience

Most importantly, prospects and customers will not just subscribe to your mail list but will actually look forward to receiving your email if they recognize value in your communications.

For example, expectant parents will be interested in information not just about your childcare products but about caring for their child, for their own health, finance, physical health, mental health and so on.

Use Cases For Email Marketing Automation

With automation, you can schedule delivery of content to your contacts in a structured way. Here are some options we can work with you to explore:

  • You could schedule email campaigns to go out from the moment people sign up for your newsletter. This will help share your brand story in a series of short, memorable, easy to digest form.
  • Send out updates once or twice a month to your contacts. These can feature informative content about your products or services, curated content, and others.
  • If you host a blog, you could set up an RSS feed to deliver your newly published content to clients regularly.
  • You can send automated birthday and seasonal messages to clients on special days.
  • Another way is to use email marketing to set up a training or correspondence course delivered via email to subscribers or clients.

Email Marketing Services In Nigeria By Web Devices

What are you looking for when you search for email marketing companies in Nigeria? At Web Devices NG, we provide creative, reliable, cost-effective email marketing solutions for small businesses anywhere in Nigeria.

We work with you to understand your exact needs and fashion out a suitable strategy for you. By the way, we can also help create content for your email campaigns.

The Process: How We Set Up Your Email Marketing

  1. Platform Selection: Select your preferred email marketing platform. (We have worked with MailChimp; we know SendInBlue, Sendy, Aweber, and Hubspot.)
  2. Account Setup: We set up your email marketing account
  3. Contacts Data Cleanup: We clean your existing contacts cleaning and upload
  4. Email Design: This includes email newsletter or content setup and testing
  5. Launch Your Campaign: Send out your first email marketing campaign
  6. Monitor Analytics and Report: We help you monitor the campaign performance and provide reports

Our Email Marketing Services Pricing

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing account setupEmail marketing account setup
Contacts cleaning and upload (up to 500 contacts)Contacts cleaning and upload (up to 2,000 contacts)
Website sign up page, form, or popup setup x 1Website sign up page, form, or popup setup x 1
Email newsletter design and setup x 1Email newsletter design and setup x 3
Monitor campaign analytics and reportMonitor campaign analytics and report (the 1st 3 or within one month)
NGN 30,000.00NGN 50,000.00

Web Devices also offers the following services as part of our email marketing solution. We can also:

Manage Your Email Marketing Platform

Do you have an email marketing platform in place? We can help you manage it on quarterly or annual bases at affordable rates. Our email marketing maintenance services New Contacts Upload, Contacts Sorting, Tagging, & Segmenting, and Monthly Analytics & Reporting.

Per Quarter (Support for 3 Months)NGN 20,000.00
Per Year (10% Discount on Annual Subscription)NGN 72,000.00

Manage Your Contacts Lists

We can also help you clean, sort, and upload your contacts lists (per time) at only NGN 2,000 per 500 contacts.

Want More Info About Email Marketing Services in Nigeria?

Contact us now for more information about your email marketing needs. We are responsive and will help you select the best options to achieve your goal(s).