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What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a strategic component of digital marketing where you produce and publish information and resources your target audience finds meaningful, and therefore engages with. You tell your brand story in ways they can relate to.

But more importantly, content marketing gives you a unique opportunity to understand your audience better because you go beyond product-driven marketing campaigns to actually think, “What does my customer or client want? What will they find useful?”

The Problem

Then why don’t you do it? Creating and publishing content is a lot more work if it is not your strong suit.

That good intention gets lost somewhere in between meeting demands of work, urgent tasks, and deadlines.

What if you had a structured, regular way of creating and publishing new, relevant content able to improve your SEO but more importantly serve your audience on a regular basis?

Our Content Marketing Services

We develop articles for your blog and email newsletters. You may also repurpose some of these for publishing on your social media accounts.

Web Devices NG helps you solve this problem with tailored content marketing services for small businesses in Nigeria.

At Web Devices, we deliver effective content marketing in Nigeria to startups and small businesses. Our affordable packages will help you achieve your marketing goals.

Valuable Content For Your Clients, Prospects, & Audience

You have a wide array of content to select for your marketing based on its relevance to your brand and the medium. Your content marketing can consist of the following content types:

  1. Articles or Blog Posts
  2. Case Studies
  3. Educational Webinars
  4. Video Demos
  5. Interviews
  6. White Papers
  7. Images
  8. Videos
  9. Audio – Podcasts

This is a general list of content options. You can use each of these media to communicate value to your audience month by month, year by year while you track the good results that will follow.

Online Content Marketing Channels

We can help you deliver your content marketing through these channels:

  • Your website,
  • Social Media Accounts (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and others),
  • Email Newsletters, and even
  • SMS

Ideally, we recommend that your content marketing should begin from your website, then on to social media, and of course, extended to your email marketing campaigns (visitors who subscribe to your newsletter will receive published content on your website) or SMS marketing.

The process, however, can be tailored to your exact needs.

Developing Tailored Content for You

  1. We work with you to research topics, keywords, and search intents your clients or customers are looking for or asking about.
  2. We collect topics or themes you would want to publish content on during a period. For example, your anniversary, milestones, holidays, and festivities, and news events (some are determined during the contract term).
  3. We create agreed content such as articles and graphics to meet these topics and user search intents.
  4. You review and approve for publishing.
  5. We publish the optimized content. Blog posts are linked with relevant internal and external sources.

Our content marketing packages are tailored to meet the needs of startups, micro, and small businesses wherever you are in Nigeria.

Benefits You Gain from Content Marketing

Here are some interesting benefits why content marketing in Nigeria works:

1. Content marketing improves your brand’s reputation and trust, and credibility

It sets you apart as a thinking, sharing, communicating organization with a vibrant ongoing dynamic within the organization and with your audience, your clients and prospects alike.

2. Accelerates your website’s authority, and ranking

Your consistent content publishing will deliver value to you and your audience in a virtuous circle: Your website SEO improves as more people consume your published content, visit your website more frequently, and spend more time on your webpages.

This means improved ranking on search engines such as Google to the first search results page or will help to maintain your position if you are already there.

3. Easier customer acquisition than paid advertising

Unlike paid advertising, content marketing pulls in customers. It attracts them to your business, to your website. You should find a healthy blend of the two.

4. Increased customer engagement and interaction

Content marketing in Nigeria is invaluable because it allows you to have conversations with your audience, that is, your current and potential customers.

5. Content marketing allows you to educate your customers consistently

Businesses keep their clients and customers informed about progress and developments in their business, their products or services by communicating directly to them via content marketing. One example is by publishing email newsletters which achieve exactly this.

6. Content on your website has perpetual shelf-life, way beyond paid advertising

Content marketing can help your business grow if pursued systematically like all other marketing efforts.

7. You go a step beyond acquiring clients and customers, you gain loyalists and advocates

When your target audience or sales leads recognize you as a thought leader, they have a higher possibility of going on to become clients or customers, or advocates who will speak up for you.

More benefits: content marketing and your website SEO

According to SEO expert Neil Patel content marketing is one of the key elements of mastering winning in search engine optimization (SEO).

Furthermore, it has been established that Google favors new content on your website, and it ranks even way better when it is new, useful content for people online.

Some Helpful Stats You Should Consider

  • [Businesses] with blogs get 67% more leads than those who don’t have a blog
  • 47% of buyers view 3 to 5 pieces of content before interacting with a sales representative
  • Visitors who visit your website are more likely to do business with you 8 to 10 times more than when you do paid marketing (inbound marketing vs. outbound marketing)

Content marketing is not a quick-fix scheme, it is a long-term but powerful strategy to gain a following, to market your products, be found in search (Google, Bing, and others), to be seen as an authority, and as a thought leader in your industry.

Why trust Web Devices with your content marketing?

First of all, we care about your business!

We have done our job only if your desired results are evident – quality content, more traffic, an engaged audience, increased leads, more revenue, or greater brand awareness.

Professional experience and writing in multiple fields including sales & marketing and information technology give us a unique ability to understand your needs and an opportunity to contribute value to your success.

We are curious, agile learners, excited about delivering excellent content marketing services to you.

See samples of our past content here: technoton-ltd.com, careerprep.com.ng, and here on our own blog.

How much do I pay for content marketing services?

1. Standard Plans – Articles / Posts for Website, Social Media, or Blog (1,000 words/post)

 One-OffSilver BundleGold Bundle
# of Articles1412
Project Completion*3 Days2 Weeks6 Weeks
Bonus #1 ✖+ Email Marketing Setup
Bonus #2 ✖✖ + Light Editing for Your Existing Website Content (5 pages)
PriceNGN 10,000.00NGN 38,000.00NGN 111,000.00
*Silver and Gold Bundles may be implemented as one-time projects or scheduled submissions per week or per month.

2. Pro Plans – Articles / Posts for Website, Social Media, or Blog (2,500 words/post)

 One-OffSilver ProGold Pro
# of Articles1412
Project Completion3 Days2 Weeks4 Weeks
Bonus #1 ✖+ Email Marketing Setup
Bonus #2 ✖✖ + Light Editing for Your Existing Website Content (5 pages)
PriceNGN 20,000.00NGN 75,000.00NGN 220,000.00**
*Silver Pro and Gold Pro Bundles may be implemented as one-time projects or scheduled submissions per week or per month. **Payment for Gold Pro plan maybe be done in quarterly instalments.

3. Social Media Image + Quote

 Bronze PackSilver PackGold Pack
# of Creatives61530
PriceNGN 3,000.00NGN 7,000.00NGN 14,000.00

4. Standard Articles + Social Media Bundles

 Bronze PackSilver PackGold Pack
# of Articles1412
# of Creatives61530
PriceNGN 12,000.00NGN 42,850.00NGN 122,500.00
You save NGN 1,000.00You save NGN 2,150.00You save NGN 2,500.00

5. Pro Articles + Social Media Bundles

 Bronze PackSilver PackGold Pack
# of Articles1412
# of Shareable Creatives61530
PriceNGN 22,000.00NGN 80,000.00NGN 231,500.00
You save NGN 1,000.00You save NGN 2,000.00You save NGN 2,500.00

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