Chatbot Marketing / Conversational Apps

Use the power of AI to engage and serve your audience through simple custom chatbots or conversational apps.

Chatbot Marketing - Conversational Apps

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is software designed to chat and interact with your customers as a real person would.

Also called conversational apps, chatbots are able to serve your customers on their own or along with human interaction when it is necessary.

In other words, a chatbot can ‘hand over’ to you so you can take over the customer interaction. [More from Flowxo]

Chatbots or conversational apps are a fun, automated way to serve your customers information and resources in a way they find useful and engaging.

Chatbots can be used for customer service, sales, frequently asked questions (FAQs), lead generation, appointment scheduling, order tracking, pop quizzes, user surveys, entertainment, and others. The limit? Imagination.

How Chatbots Work

Chatbots work by responding to triggers and then perform related actions to the kind of interaction you want to serve your customer.

A trigger is a keyword or phrase or a simple “hello”. Your chatbot remains in a listening state, waiting for the trigger expression.
When this happens, it swings into pre-programmed actions which could be to display options or a menu, send a message, or ask a question.

Ultimately, the chatbot is able to serve your customer in a specific way by conversing or chatting with your customer and providing the requested information or outcome.

What Can A Chatbot Do?

Everything! Okay, your chatbot can

  • take orders from clients,
  • request, store, or update customer details,
  • inform them about your company, products or services,
  • schedule meetings or calls with clients,
  • process payments, and
  • entertain your guests a little (trivia, jokes, sports gist, etcetera)

Benefits of Chatbot Marketing

1. Chatbots serve customers in real-time

Customers receive responses to common enquiries real-time. This can help reduce abandoned enquiries and increase sales leads. You have less delay in getting back to customers via email or phone calls because the chatbot can do so on the spot.

2. Your chatbot is at work 24/7

Your chatbot never sleeps and so can attend to your visitors or customers any time or across time zones.

3. Chatbots provide consistent user experience

Chatbots can be used on diverse channels, interacting the same way and serving the same content so the way you interact with your audience stays consistent across platforms, e.g., your website or social media.

What Organizations Find Chatbot Marketing Useful?

Chatbots or conversational apps work for businesses from schools to banks. Here is a short list of businesses or organizations chatbots can add value:

  • Schools (new and old parent enquiries, announcements, home-work guidance, etc.)
  • Restaurants (Online menu displays, orders, customer interactions on social media)

How Much Does a Chatbot Cost?

You can have a simple, dynamic chatbot implemented on your website or social media account from NGN 50,000.00. Ultimately, the cost of your chatbot depends on what you would like it to do for you and your customers.

Chatbots Sound Interesting, Right?

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